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Amos Black II

The IGI shows Amos as being born 'abt. 1830 in Inkpen' but we have found evidence of him born about 1839 in Thatcham, Berkshire. He married Mary, or Polly as she was also known, on 30 Sep 1875 in Farnham, Surrey. She may also have gone by the surname Gloster as well as the more familiar Roberts.

This Amos was a horsedealer, well known to the locals of Inkpen.

Amos and Mary had seven children, according to the IGI:

Alice - born in Old Newtown Road, Newbury on19 Apr 1861. She died on 21 Jun 1880 at Inkpen and is buried at Inkpen church yard in the front.
Amos (Henry) (Brother) Roberts - born about 1862 in Newbury, christened 30 Sep 1866 in Farnham. He married Louisa Watts and they are both buried at Christchurch.

"He took his mother's maiden name throughout his life and was called 'Brother' by the rest of the family. There are still questions about him and the secret surrounding his life."

Becky Porter 8 Nov 2000

Amos - born in Newbury, christened on 30 Sep 1866 at Farnham. Amos died in 1903.
Mary - born about 1865, she was christened on 30 Sep 1866 in Farnham. She married Henry Elijah Hicks and died and was buried in Ecchinswell.
Nelson - born on 22 Apr 1869 at Inkpen and christened 14 Sep 1873 in Farnham. He married Sarah Loveridge on 13 Oct 1887 and died on 8 Feb 1939 at Great Shefford. Nelson used the name Blackman as well as Black. They had nine children...
Sarah - abt 1887 Nelson - abt 1893 Priscilla - abt 1905
Leonard - abt 1889 Amos Henry - born 2 May 1895 Leander ?
Selina Louise - abt 1890 Morris Levi - abt 1900 ?
Leander - born about 1870 in Inkpen and christened there on 9 Apr 1871 . She married Henry (Stokes or Holmes - both appear in the IGI) on 25 Jan 1890 at Inkpen.
Trainette - born on 29 May 1873 in Inkpen, she was christened 21 Sep 1873 in Farnham. She married Goliath Stokes on the 15 Apr 1895 in Inkpen and he may have been the first of several husbands, but we're not sure of the others. Her maiden name was quoted as Blackman instead of Black.
Sarah - born in Inkpen, she was christened on 26 Sep 1875 in Farnham. Used both the names Black and Blackman. She died on 28 Sep 1886.
Henry - christened on 25 Dec 1877 in Inkpen. He married Mary Louisa Bunce, who was known as Cissie on 6 Jun 1900. Her obituary can be found in the section to the left. He was buried in Basingstoke.
Anne Selina - christened 5 Jun 1881 in Inkpen. She married Maurice (also spelt Morris) Stokes on 19 Oct 1901 at Andover.
Morris - christened 19 Sep 1886 at Inkpen and married 'Lottie'.

Amos died in Odihan on 9 May 1925 and was buried in Inkpen on 12 May 1925.

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