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"I thought that I would write to you both and let you know what has been happening, yesterday I went to a meeting held by the Romany and Traveller Family History Society. I met several other member that were related to the Blacks.

Jack Black (real name is Maurice) told us that when he was younger he became very ill and nearly died, while he was in bed this woman whom he had never seen before came to him in a vision, he said that she was wearing a black bonnet, which was something that he would never forget, he made a full recovery, a few year later he was looking though some old photographs, when he came across one of an old lady in a bonnet, when he asked his father who she was, he was told that it was Jane Black, apparently he is not the only one who has seen her when they have been at deaths door, and all the others that have seen her have made a full recovery too.

He also remembers a story that has been passed down though the ages, A Major somebody (I have forgotten his name but will try to find out later) who owned Savernake forest, used to come and collect Jane Black and bring her back to his estate to tell peoples fortunes, she also use to be able to sex unborn donkeys,  and on this particular day he wanted her to tell him the sex of his donkeys unborn baby (sorry I don't recall what a baby donkey is called), she said that the donkey was having twins and that when they were born there would be a girl and a boy, the Major did not believe her and said that every one knows that donkey don't have twins, but sure enough when the donkey gave birth there were twins and there was one of each sex."

Sarah Barrass 15 October 2000


"Jack Black and his wife also said, they said that Nelson Black's family (not sure which Nelson) all had red hair, My sister and I thought that this was really interesting. I have a cousin from Australia, Justine, and she also has red hair."

Sarah Barrass 19 October 2000

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