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Rosanna Black

Rosanna was born in Inkpen on 19 Jan 1848. In 1867 she married Edwin Spackman in Burbage, Wiltshire and was converted to Mormonism.

"When she left the UK with her husband and his family, Jane White (her mother) spat on her and disowned her. Decades later, one of her sons went back to the Uk and made amends. However, Rosanna and her mother never saw each other again.

From what we know of Hawker families, to leave and join another religion like that was like spitting on them, as far as they were concerned..."

Kim Bardon 24 Sep 2000

They had lots of children and there is a picture of the couple with a baby in the Photo Album:

Amos - born on 27 Sep 1866 at Coldrey, Hampshire, died on 22 Dec 1946 in Butte, Montana and was buried there. He maried four times.
Annie - born on 8 Nov 1868 in West Woodhay, Berkshire.She married Andrew Lee Allen on 24 May 1888 and died on 2 Jun 1900. She was buried in Richmond, Utah, USA
Charlotte - known as Lottie, she was born on 26 Aug 1870 in West Woodhay. She married Thomas Alexander Sullivan on 24 May 1888. Lottie died 9 Apr 1960 and was buried in Richmond, Utah, USA
Henry Edwin - known as Ted, he was born on 5 Jul 1872 in Kintbury. He married Jennie Mitton and died 30 Jan 1963 in Salt Lake City, Utah and was buried there.

William George - born on 26 Aug 1874 in Kintbury and died on 24 Aug 1878.

"Named after his mother Rosanna's grandfather Black and her uncle George Black - we have to follow up this clue!"

Becky Porter 8 Nov 2000

Alice - born on 20 Aug 1876 in Newbury, she married Orson Leavitt on 15 Mar 1898. She died on 28 Oct 1966 in Nyssa, Oregon, USA.

Francis Albert - known as Alf, he was born on 16 Apr 1879 in Newbury. He married Mead Myriah Larsen on 23 Apr 1907 in Brigham City, Utah. He died 5 Mar 1961 in San Mateo, California and was buried in Cleveland, Idaho

They took these children to the USA when they emigrated from Liverpool on 5 June 1880 on the steamship 'Wisconsin'. There were 337 LDS immigrants aboard. They arrived in New York on 16 June 1880 and at Salt Lake City on 25 June 1880.

And these children were born in the US:

Sarah Jane - born on 29 Jun 1881 at Richmond, Cache, Utah. She married George Hodges on 2 Jan 1901. She died on 23 Nov 1948 in Preston, Franklin, Idaho and buried there.
Alma - known as Almy, he was born on 16 Dec 1883 in Covevill, Cache, Utah and married Clara Sophia Peterson Nelson on 14 Feb 1906.He died on 11 Jun 1965 in Richmond, Cache, Utah and was buried there.
Ellen - born on 11 Apr 1886 and died on 11 Jun aged two months, in Covevill, Cache, Utah
Brigham - born on 5 May 1887 in Covevill, Cache, Utah, he married Lillian Catherine Hansen on 6 Sep 1911 in Logan, Cache, Utah. He died on 25 Aug 1969 in Brigham City, Utah and was buried in Preston, Franklin, Idaho.

Joseph Hyrum - born on 8 Aug 1889 in Provo Bench, Provo, Utah. He married Iris Julia Jensen on 4 Sep 1912. He died 10 May 1963 in Preston, Franklin, Idaho and was buried there.

"He weighed in at 3 pounds and could fit in a large teacup - the family was on their way back up to Cache Valley from Southern Utah after helping Annie Sapckman Allen during polygamy times."

Becky Porter 8 Nov 2000

Rosanna died on 18 Sep 1935 in Preston, Franklin, Idaho, USA and buried 22 Sep 1935 in Richmond, Cache, Utah, USA.

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