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Henry Black

Henry was born in Kintbury on 24 Apr 1844. He was christened in Hungerford on 1 May 1844.

He married Rosa Cole in Farnham on 22nd September 1874 - Rosa was born on Shirley Common, Southampton and was the same age as Henry. Her family were also Hawkers. The couple settled in Andover around 1875 and appear in the 1881 Census at 155 New Street. They later moved to Enham Arch, Andover.

This is a copy of their marriage certificate.

As you can see, Henry and Rosa married in 1874, but they already had several children by this date. Their children are listed below, as taken from the 1881 Census and the IGI.

Charlotte - christened on 22 Oct 1865 in Inkpen. She died on 13 Nov 1873 and was buried in Andover.
Harry - christened Henry, he was born in Inkpen and christened there on 23 Jun 1867. He married 'Betsy'. He may have been the Henry that went to Canada.
Thomas - born about 1869 in Micheldever, Hampshire, he was christened in Andover on 9 Nov 1876.
Maurice - christened in Inkpen on 22 Jan 1871, his name is often spelt Morris.
Mary - she was born in Inkpen and christened there on 24 Nov 1872. She married Stephen Bull, who came from Winchester, in 1899. Stephen's family had lived in New Street since 1847. She lived in Colebrook Street, Winchester until she died. They had eight children, of which there were two sets of non-identical twins, and Stephen's occupations (from the christenings in the St Maurice's Parish Register) alternated between Dealer, Chimney Sweep and Horse Dealer. She died in 1938 aged 64, and was buried in the Magdelen Hill Cemetary, Winchester. In her Will she left everything in trust for her children...her house, Builders Yard and 'premises being No 3 King Alfred Place'. Stephen Bull died in 1951.
Frederick - born in Andover and christened there on 10 Jan 1874.
Goliath - Although christened Goliath on 9 Nov 1876 in Andover, there are examples of him being called Golias and Elias. He was born in Andover and died in New Street in 1899. He was 22 years old.
Samuel - Sam, as he was known, was born in Andover on 29 Aug 1878. He was christened on 9 Dec 1878 at St Mary's Church in Andover and was living at 45 Junction Road, Andover when he died in 1923 aged 45.
Alfred - Born in Andover on 11 Jul 1880 and christened 20 Mch 1881.
Rose - Her christening entry in the Andover Parish Registers (13 Nov 1882) give her mother's name as Rose - so perhaps baby Rose should be Rosa? Her actual date of birth was 13 Dec 1881.

Henry died on 28 Sep 1903 and was buried in Andover with his wife.

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