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...Old Letters

from Maurice and Dorothy Goddard

Mr. Maurice Goddard

Wonston Manor Cottages

Sutton Scotney

Nr. Winchester Hants




Dear Cousin:

No doubt you will be wondering who I am so let me first tell you I am the eldest son of Rhoda Goddard and grandson of Maurice and Annie Black of Rose Cottage Inkpen Common, Newbury Berks. 

Now I hope I can explain all to you about my dear grandfather and mother.  My grandmother, (your Aunt Annit) still lives in her same cottage as she has lived in all her married years and has often spoke of you all and wondered if any of your offsprings were here in England during the war.  We had endless numbers of Americans billeted around Inkpen, Kintbury etc and several girls have married Americans. 

Well dear cousin, my grandfather (Uncle Maurice to you) died in May 30th 1940 at the age of 81 years, 82 had he lived another fortnight.  He had been in poor health for several months and in the January before his death my grandmother (Aunt Annie) slipped and broke her foot and had to be taken to Hospital for a fortnight and grandfather fretted at being parted from Gran, that my wife and I took the responsibility on our own shoulders and had gran back home and we nursed her back to health, but no doubt all the illness to gran was a great shock to grandad as we nearly lost her with Bronchitus after her accident but the Lord was good and spared her to us. 

In April the same year grandfather was taken ill with heart trouble but at the end he did not lay and suffer long, in fact I had been up with him all night and the morning he died he was going to get downstairs for a while and he collapsed trying to get out of bed and died in gran’s arms. 

Well we thought after over 60 years of being together and gran not very strong, that she would never have got over her loss, but she did and my mother and I took it in turns to stay nights with her, untill May the following year when my poor mother (Rhoda) collapsed suddenly one day after having done her work with Cerebral Hemerage (a stroke) which paralised her from head to toe all down her left side and I’m sorry to say she died just three weeks after on May 29th 1941 one year all but a day after grandfather at the age of 63 years.  This we felt would sure be the end of gran but she was given strength to carry on for a while longer and still is as well as we can expect her to be at the great age of 86 years last March.  And she still lives in her little cottage. 

My younger brother who is unmarried lives with her and untill a year ago my wife and I lived close by and we used to see to her.  After the war our house was wanted for a farm labourer and so I had to get a house where I had work (and my work is woodman like my grandfather).  I am now Head Woodman on Mr. J. Arthur Ranks Estate at Sutton Scotney.  He is a great man with the “Odeon” cinemas and a miller and we believe he has a brtother in America who owns Race Horses. 

I have a son 26 years married and one child, (a son) and daughter 15 years.  My wife goes backwards and forwards to see to gran and my brother and my father lives alone not far from my gran.  My son went all throught the war from August 1939 to May 1946.  Owing to operation and illness he never went further from home than Northern Ireland, but I am glad to say he is better now in health and doing well at his trade (cabinet maker) to which we had him apprentised for 4 years.  So thats our family history of the past 7 years. 

You asked my family names.  Well we are only a small family, there is Granie (Mrs. Annie Black) My mothers name Rhoda (Goddard by marriage) my father still alive (Alfred Goddard), there were only my brother Alfred and I (Maurice) by my mothers marriage, Maurice the eldest and now married with one son (George) and Margaret daughter, and Peter grandson) This makes grannie a great-great grandmother. 

I have a paper cutting somewhere I will try and find of my gran and grandads ______and wedding with a photo of the then five generations, being gran and grandad Black, Rhoda, their daughter, Maurice, Rhoda’s, son and George, Maurice’s son and a coincidence my wife’s mother and father celebrated their Golden wedding two days after and so my wife made both the cakes for them as you will read.  We have a group of all the family taken at the __________wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Black perhaps I could send to you if you would like it after gran passes over. 

Now you understand I am writing this for my gran as she can’t read or write and relys on me for everything.  So on going up to see her this Easter Sunday she asked me to write to you and tell you all the news I oculd and to say she couldn’t get us to write to you as she didn’t know your address as Rhoda used to do al the writing before she died and as far as gran can remember they sent out some photos for your mother to see in answer to a photo she had to return of your mother outside her house but heard nothing since the war and I can tell you she and grandfather hsa told us all about you and she has talked a lot about you all out there during the war years and wouldn’t have been surprised if any of the offsprings of the family had called on her during the war. 

And it cheered her a lot to get news of you as she feels so alone these days.  We beg of her to come and make her home with my wife and I so that she could have every care these last years of her life but as is only natural after so many years she won’t leave the old home. 

Of course gran brought me up as her own son ever since I was 2 years old and so gran and grandad were like a mother and Dad to me so you can guess how I have clung to them all these years, so do please write to me at the address I give and Ill read it to gran as she will be looking for a few lines to be read to her from you. 

She got a job to see and suffers great pain with her foot she broke but in spite of all she is very self willed and wont give in for more than she can help. 

So now I will close these lines to you and may Gods Blessing be with you and all your family.


From your cousins

Maurice and Dorothy Goddard

for Mrs. Annie Black

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