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...Old Letters

from Dorothy Goddard

Chestnut __________

Sutton Scotney

Nr. Winchester Hants


My dear Cousin,

This is just a few lines to you in answer to your 2 letters and lovely Smas Card.

Well we are all glad to hear you are keeping fairly well s it leaves us all better then we have ben.  I have had a very busy and anxious time since November, my mother and Dad both have been very ill, my Dad aged 82 had a stroke and Mother had a heart attack in reacion of the worry of Dad, and she is 79 years.

  I am very pleased to say that Grannie Black (Aunt Annie) is keeping really very well considering she will be 87 in March.  I am going to enclose a snap of her taken in our garden when she was staying with us in the summer.  Thank you so much for the snaps we think they are lovely especially the little girl Darla.  The one of you and your grandson seems very familiar. 

I shall be seeing grannie in a few days so I’ll be taking the snaps for her to see, if she can, as her eyes begin to fail her.  It’s very nice for you to be with your daughter and I’m sure she loves to have you. 

Yes we had a very nice Smas apart from all our troubles and trials, we had plenty so far as rations would allow to eat.  My daughter had her boy friend and his family here to tea and supper, with a little Smas tree, but one thing you had that we didn’t and that was Holly, as there was no berry’s much on it here and the old holly’s as stood round the back of grannies have all been cut down, otherwords we always got ours from there. 

Yes I’ve heard Granpie Black tell the tales of when he used to go with his violin with Uncle Amos in the dancing booth, they must have been happy days.  I’ll have to look around and find some of Sutton Scotney and dear old Inkpen and Kintbury. 

How about the 2 piece you mention.  I should say you are about my own stamp so if you will send it at your convenience you can be sure it will be given good service to me or the other of us.  You must say how much it is.  In these days of clothing coupons we cant get too much. 

Dear old Aunt Bella, I always liked her, I remember her well once when she came to see gran and granpie Black when my son was 2 years old.  She came and had tea with us and played with my boy and told me not to be like her and have a big family.  She says if I could see my time again I wouldn’t have so many, and then she gave her good old hearty laugh.  Her daughter Mary came from Reading to see gran sometimes.  

My husband is very busy with his work.  He has to supervise the planting of 5,000 trees of all kinds.  Our gentleman (Mr. J. Arthur Rank the film magnet) gave all the male employees a Xmas dinner and social evening last week.  Stanley Holloway was the Commedian Entertainer. 

It’s very cold here now night and morning with night frost and the roads run slippery, but the days are lengthening and we shall soon be busy with the gardens.  My son and his wife and little boy has been very poorly with Bonchitus and whooping cough and has to have his tonsils and adenoids out when he is five. 

My son has good work in the ship yard refitting the ships at Southampton.  We often see the “Queen Mary” ship in port.  You see my son was apprentised to cabinet making.

  Well I don’t seem to be able to think of any more but I’ll be sending a few cards etc., in a few days.  So now here’s wishing you well and trust you may have a prosperous New Year and all our love and so we remain yours as always Maurice and Dorothy and Aunt Annie

xxxxxx            (Written by Dorothy)

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