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...Old Letters

from Maurice and Dorothy Goddard

Sutton Scotney

Nr Winchester Hants

(Aug) 9-2-50

My dear Cousin Lottie:

Well dear after a long time I’m afraid I have sad news for you as dear Gran passed away here Sat last Feb 4th at 3-15.  She had been in bed just 6 months and a fortnight before she died she had flu cold and she weakened very fast after it. 

Maurice and I had to lift her from the bed to her night chair and I had to feed her with her food like a baby.  The dear soul was oh so patient and never grumbled at anything, always content with whatever was done and given to her and I did as far as I was able my best for her both in food, care, and comfort although I wasn’t so well as I ought to have been and that made it harder for Maurice.  I do miss her but we musn’t grieve anymore than we can help as it was really a happy release.  She used to pray for God to take her. 

The Tuesday as she died on the Sat, our Rector came in and gave her Hold Communion and she was greatfull and I do know she must be gone to her loved ones, she had such a nice little smile crossing her face and we gave her of the best, in fact the undertaker said himself not even a King could have had better.  To fulfill her wish we took her back to Inkpen Church to lay her to rest with Grandfather and she was taken back by her old home at Inkpen Common and so ended a life of a very usefull soul always ready to help others whenever needed.  She would have ben 89 years if she had lived to March 26th. 

We had a snow and hailstorm just before we left for the burial and a storm on our way but for the actuall service and disposal it was fine but very cold.  The hymn “Abide with me” was sung. 

How are you keeping now also all the family.  Have you lost all your snow yet.  I shall be glad when we get spring here ._______________________ablt to care to his great grans funeral but not his wife as their little son has been ill with bronchitus.  My daughter Margaret was also present and her future husband. 

Probably in my next letter I’ll be able to tell you the date of their wedding.  Gran was so proud of her I do wish she could have lived to have seen her married. 

Well I’ll close for now as I have so many letters to write.  People have sent such nice letters of sympathy I only wish you could be here to read some of them. 

So with all our love and God Bless you all we remain always your everloving cousins.

Maurice & Dorothy Goddard XXXXXXXX

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